Best Solar Led Lights

Best solar lights in UAE

Doum is a best solar led light brand in UAE. Our solar led lights are the best solar lights in UAE. It will absorb the sunlight during the daytime and then convert it into electric energy to make the led work at night aka solar energy, These Solar light in UAE have a long service life, If you want to own house lights but don’t want to spend much on your bills, doum solar light is definitely your best choice. The Doum solar light is designed for outdoor lighting. The product works well for places that require a lot of illumination at night. we are located in Abu Dhabi and we are selling our products all over the UAE. We have a wide range of solar lights in Abu Dhabi, The most important fact is that our Best solar led lights are made by using high-quality material, so they will be durable for several years and it can automatically work without any problem at all.

More about Doum Best Solar lights in UAE

Doum Solar Energy focus on solar energy and solar products mainly solar outdoor light and solar security light. Doum Solar
Energy is a local business focus on the need of the market and custom to local climate condition providing durable solar
products for hot climate with high temperature. Doum Solar Energy provide high IP standard with durability to heat,
dust, humidity. Doum Solar energy products are waterproof and dust proof. Doum Solar energy provide ready to use solar
products and easy to install without any maintenance. Doum Solar Energy products are automated using latest technology
for LED and batteries. Doum solar energy is an e-commerce providing automated customer experience from placing an orderto delivery on time. Doum Solar Energy team are experienced and provide service to customers and consider customer
satisfaction the top priority of the business. Doum Solar energy is aiming to grow in solar floodlights and solar
streetlight technology. Doum solar energy also care about security and aim to provide solar security equipment.
Doum Solar energy care about loyal customers and always aim to bring the best quality solar lights and equipment
to valuable customers in UAE and gulf region. Doum solar energy have experience in solar outdoor garden lights,
solar plaza lights, solar floodlights, solar street lights, and solar security lights.